Pro Sports Teams In Phoenix

There are many Pro Sports Teams In Phoenix and it’s worth noting down that it is one of the thirteen cities in the country that have representatives in all the four professional sport leagues. Only two of the teams are named after the city and mainly play within the city.

Some of the team sports in Phoenix are soccer, indoor football and it also hosts an entire spring training league for the MLB, Cactus League. Other sport teams or events in the area include NASCAR, major marathons, LPGA golf and NHRA racing.

Sport Teams In Phoenix:

  • Arizona Cardinals ( football)
  • Diamondbacks (baseball)
  • Coyotes ( Ice hockey)
  • Mercury ( women’s basketball)
  • The Suns ( men’s basketball)
  • Semi-pro Clubs and Minor Leagues
  • Rattlers (Indoor football)
  • The assassins ( women’s football)
  • Phoenix Rising football club ( soccer)
  • Scorpions ( basketball)

1. Basketball ( NBA)

The suns were the first major sports team in the area to be granted the NBA franchise back in 1968.
-The team used to play their games at veterans memorial coliseum in Arizona.

They made their first appearance in the finals of the NBA back in 1976, but they lost the game against the Boston Celtics.

It is worth noting down that the Suns moved to their new stadium back in 1996, which is popularly known as the America West Arena.

In 2014 , the Suns had the highest winning percentage than any other team in the NBA.

2. NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are currently the oldest professional football team in the US and has developed very many talented athletes over the years.

The Cardinals were founded back in 1898 and they moved to the area back in 1988 from St.Louis, Missouri.

They used to play their home games at Sun Devil Stadium and only moved to their new stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium back in 2006.

3. Indoor Football

The Rattlers are an indoor football team that was founded back in 1992.

They used to play in the AFL between 1992 and 2016 . Their games are currently played at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

They have won three championships in a row and won their first championship back in 1994.

4. Baseball

The Diamondbacks were founded in 1998 and they play all their home games at downtown park Chase Field, which is the second highest stadium in the United States.

They won the championship back in 2001, where they defeated the Yankees to become the first team from the area to win a major championship.

It is worth noting down that the area is home to the Cactus League which is mainly a training league in the spring for Major League Baseball.

5. Hockey

The Coyotes are a Hockey team in the area and moved in the area back in 1996.

They used to play their games in the America West Arena before moving to Arena.

It is worth noting down that the team underwent some financial constraints and that was the reason why it was sold back in 2013 , to try and ease its financial difficulties.

The team reached the conference finals in the 2011/12 season and lost to the LA.Kings.

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These are some of the major Pro Sports Teams In Phoenix, Arizona and it currently has representatives in the four major sport leagues in the US. The town also has minor league teams and also hosts various sporting events like the marathon.

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