Notable People Of Phoenix

Arizona is known for many things: the Grand Canyon, wildlife, and so much more. What you may not think of when you think of Phoenix though is their notable people. However, this city is home to a number of actors, writers, and other well-known figures. To get an idea of who calls it home here, these are some of the best-known people of Phoenix.

Emma Stone

If you don’t know who Emma Stone is, then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. She’s actually a native of the area and is proud to call the city home. She attended Xavier College Prepatory briefly before moving onto acting. The star still makes trips back to the area, but has a busy schedule shooting films around the world.

Curt Schilling

Although he wasn’t born in the area, he attended Shadow Mountain High School so most people would consider him a native and he also went to Yavapai College in Prescott. He now lives in Massachusetts although he did play with the Diamondbacks and was a key player in their 2001 season. He’s probably most well known for sinning a World Series Championship with Boston and is a great player as well as a notable pitcher. His presence on the Diamondbacks helped him become well-known with the people of Arizona where he’s still remembered.

Jim Adkins

You may not know this person’s name, but you’ve probably heard of the band Jimmy Eat World. Adkins started the band in 1993 with three close friends and they soon gained a loyal following. Since that time, they’ve become amazingly famous and have toured around the world. The band still remembers their roots though and recently performed at Crescent Ballroom.

Aidy Bryant

Comedy isn’t always an easy area to break into but Aidy Bryant also attended Xavier College Prepatory before getting her start in comedy. She started her career in Chicago’s Second City but was selected to join the Saturday Night Live cast in 2012. Since her time on the show, Aidy has delighted audiences with her wide range of characters. Additionally, she’s appeared in dramatic roles like Girls and Darby Forever.

Lynda Carter

One final name tops out this list. Born and raised in the area, Lynda Carter is best known for playing Wonder Women. Before her move into the spotlight, Lynda attended ASU but eventually left to pursue a music career in San Francisco. That career choice didn’t work out and she returned to the area. Then, she actually got her start in beauty pageants and was amazingly successful, becoming Miss World before branching into acting. She’s certainly an icon in the area.

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Not everyone can call Phoenix their home, but these are just a few people who are proud to be from this western city. If you’ve never been to the area, then you may not know that it has so many notable figures. From actors, to models, and everything in-between, you can find many notable people in the area. Many of them still call Arizona home and will return to visit on a regular basis.

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