A Trip To The Phoenix Zoo

The amazing world of discovery, imagination and curiosity is opened to you when you take a trip to the Phoenix zoo. For many years, the locals and visitors from across the globe have been stunned by the display of the numerous animals that inhabit the park reserve. In most places, winter is not the best time to spend your day at most wildlife parks, but in this zoo, this is the perfect period to visit. What are your expectations when you visit the park reserve? Well, below is what will astonish you in the game reserve.

The African Wild

Among the African wild animals you will see and take photos of the elephants, zebra, rhinoceros and the lions. These exotic Africa Trails are the main inhabitants you expect to see at any wild reserve, hence they fit perfectly at the Phoenix Zoo. These interesting animals usually the main occupants of the African savannah endure a dry and warm climate.

The Arizona Wild

This zoo has stood from other game reserves with its display of the Arizona Trail since it has an exceptional geography. The geography includes the small pieces of all the North American Deserts like the Great Basin, Sonora, Mojave and the Chihuahua. Not forgetting the amazing view of the desert creatures like the wolf, tortoise, lizards and desert snakes. This is an exciting experience as you will see these creatures in person and take a close view picture.

More Interesting Phoenix Facts

Monkey Village

Among the unique exhibits the Phoenix zoo has to offer, is the monkey village. For monkey lovers, the park reserve has a display of the tropic trail where you can watch up-close the squirrel monkey play high on the trees and around. This is the favorite portion of many as there are different other monkey species that inhabit the game reserve.

Water Playgrounds

The wild reserve has more than one water playground. If you and your kids love playing with water, then this is the right zoo for them to visit. The water playgrounds have seating places, shades and also rooms for changing to your swimming attire. During the winter these water playgrounds are not available as the management prefers them closed.

Camel Rides

Taking a ride on a Camel seems to be a very popular activity to look forward to when you take a trip to the Phoenix zoo. You can also get a picture taken while you enjoy a ride on the back of this amazing animal. Children mostly prefer this activity over many other activities. This activity is always available to visitors on a daily basis.

Harmony Farm

The zoo allows you to brush and pet the goats that are harbored in the big Red Barn located at the Harmony Farm. You can also have a close view of the sheep, horses and cows to milk. This farm is a unique exhibit where you can take up-close pictures with these adorable animals. There are also tractors to climb in and have a view of the farm.

The Phoenix Zoo is a home to numerous wild and domestic animals motivating people to take care of animals. The park reserve is one of the biggest wildlife parks that are dedicated to conserving and offering memorable times to all visitors. Your visit to the game reserve will leave you wanting for more experience with the unique exhibit.

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